“The Global South and Cultural Struggles: On the Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization” by Duncan Mceachern Yoon

global southThe Global South and Cultural Struggles: On the Afro-Asian  People’s Solidarity Organization 

by Duncan Mceachern Yoon

published in 

The Global South Cultural Dialogue Project, Cornell University

 “You, brothers from Asia, invite us to defeat!the historical mystification that aims to present!a certain culture as the peak of universal culture. And through your work, through your research and by means of your triumphs, you have proved that universal culture, the conception of a man!to [the] size of the
world, have only just started.  We say: This is exactly what we wanted to affirm.
(Speech at the Closing Session Second Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization Conference Conakry, Guinea April 15 1960) – Frantz Fanon

I would like to begin by juxtaposing this little-known speech given by Frantz Fanon in my epigraph with Satya P. Mohanty’s statement in the Frontline interview (6 April) concerning the importance of excavating “alternative  modernities“

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