Temporary Migration in Africa / African Review of Economics and Finance, Vol 5 (1) December, 2013

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1.Temporary Migration in Africa: Views from the Global South

Derya Ozkul and Franklin Obeng-Odoom

2.Temporary Chinese Migration to Madagascar: Local Perceptions, Economic Impacts, and Human Capital Flows

Cornelia Treman

3.South-South Migration and Sino-African Small Traders: A Comparative Study of Chinese in Senegal and Africans in China, Daouda Cissé

4. North-South Migration and Remittances in Ghana

Stephen A. Adaawen and Boabang Owusu


5. Consequences of Female Migration for Families in Tanzania

Esther W. Dungumaro

6. The Politics of Trans-Saharan Transit Migration in the Maghreb: Ghanaian Migrants in Libya, c.1980 – 2012

George M. Bob-Milliar and Gloria K. Bob-Milliar

Book Reviews 

7. International Migration and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Viewpoints and Policy Initiatives in the Countries of Origin

Reviewed by Thomas Antwi Bosiakoh 

8. Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History is Reshaping our World

Reviewed by Franklin Obeng-Odoom


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