Colloque “Heritage, Tourism and Museums: New Perspectives From Anthropology”, Xiamen, China, 1st-3rd 2012

 “Heritage, Tourism and Museums: New Perspectives From Anthropology”

Xiamen, China

1st-3rd, june, 2012   Attention deadline pour la soumission de communication reporté au 25 avril.

Since the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was approved by UNESCO in1972, heritage protection agenda had been arousing both national and local attention; meanwhile, with the process of globalization and developments of new technologies, mass tourism gained ascending interests and popularity as a new life style throughout the globe; new museum theories and practices, even the phenomenon of museumization step on the world stage at the same time, too. The encounter of heritage, tourism and museum, however, is not just historical haphazard. Through pursuits of heritage, tourism destinations and museums, we can clearly see the efforts of people trying to seek Other Places for temporary breaks to deal with the rapid social changes. The senses of nostalgia brought by heritage, remoteness by tourism, and stability by museum became refuges from our society with full of modernity and mobility. Multiple issues generated by the encounter of heritage, tourism and museum in this specific era have yet to be fully explored by academic world, such as history and past, modernity and nostalgia, identity and others, culture property and indigenous issues, cultural performance and authenticity, etc.
This symposium takes credit for the first time in China that comprehensively discusses the popular issues of heritage, tourism and museum. Domestic and oversea outstanding scholars will discuss this theme deeply and thoroughly from anthropological perspectives. We hope this symposium will set modeling approaches to explore the frontiers of Anthropology. We are honored to have Professor Nelson Graburn of University of California, Berkeley, Professor PENG Zhaorong of Xiamen University, and Professor WANG Sung-Shan of Taipei National University of the Arts to give us keynote speeches.

We sincerely welcome papers that not only conceive heritage, tourism or museum to be an independent social phenomenon or a fixed space, but also take into account the contexts, processes, meanings of those phenomena, as well as the mutual relationships among them; not only concern specific perspectives of different groups/individuals on heritage, tourism and museum, but also explore the cultural/institutional production of those perspectives. We are looking for papers that put efforts on theoretical analyses, as well as those ones involved in applied research.
We encourage submissions from cross disciplinary perspectives and different approaches exploring (but not limited to) the themes below:

  • Anthropological application in the mass-tourism age
  • Heritage/memory/history/past/nostalgia
  • Heritage ecology and integrated conservation
  • The dialectic relationship between heritage tourism and museum tourism
  • Heritage, museums and the construction of nation-state
  • Museum exhibition and heritage preservation
  • Musumization and cultural pluralism
  • Indigenous articulations
  • Capitalization of heritage and development of the cultural industry
  • Visual ethnographies on topics of heritage, tourism, and (or) museums


Planning schedule:
Deadline for the submission of proposals:
March 20th, 2012: Submission of topics and abstracts;
April 20th, 2012: Submission of the full text (in Chinese or in English)
April 30th, 2012: Selection and formal invitation letters to authors.

Symposium schedule:
June 1st, Friday:
Daytime (9 am-5 pm): registration; Evening: 6 pm: reception dinner.
June 2nd, Saturday:
Morning (8 am-12 am): opening ceremony and keynote speeches; visiting museum of anthropology, XMU.
Afternoon (2 pm-6 pm): current sessions;
Evening (8 pm-9 pm): visiting the World Intangible Cultural Heritage “Nanyin” drama club and enjoy Nanyin performances.
June 3rd, Sunday:
Morning (8 am-12 am):current sessions;
Afternoon (2 pm–6 pm): go to Xiamen Shinegood Museum, current sessions and museum visiting;
Evening (7pm-10pm): farewell party at Xiamen Shinegood Museum; back to hotels in Xiamen University at 11pm.
Contact information:
NIU Yan: (conference affairs) (email for submitting papers)

There will be no registration fee for the symposium. The organizers will pay for participants’ meals, accommodation and local transportation, etc. Participants will pay for their own traveling fares to and from Xiamen.

Newest information will be updated on the website of Department of Anthropology and Ethnology:

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