Relayé par la ” H-NET List for African History and Culture”, cet appel a contribution pour une conférence internationale :

AIM: This conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners to present papers on China and Africa. The Conference will be held at the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana, from June 27, 2013 to June 29, 2013. Papers presented at the conference will be put through the mill of rigorous peer review and the ones that will cut muster will be published as a part of a new series of conference-derived anthologies, in particular, for African universities that tend to experience book famine.
The Conference is sponsored by the Department of History, University of Cape Coast; the Department of African Studies, University of Cape Coast; the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon; the Department of History, Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania, USA; the Department of Social Sciences, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya; and the Institute of Afro-Asian Studies, Peking University, Beijing, China.

THEMATIC SCOPE: In so many ways, the emergence of China as a great power in global politics and economy in the late 20th-century continues to re/shape the political and economic configurations of the contemporary world. China has succeeded in fostering encompassing economic and political influences in Africa. Some on-going Chinese activities in Africa satisfy China’s quest for Africa’s resources, including its vast raw materials. Untapped African markets serve as a magnet for Chinese manufactured goods. Also African countries serve as rich terrains for the re/investment of Chinese capital, for example, in infrastructural projects. Complementary to the significant Chinese economic and political interests are vigorous cultural expansionism exemplified by the introduction of Chinese language in a number of African countries. For their part, African countries see the Chinese presence as an opportunity to re/build their stagnant economies, indeed, hoping to use it as a lever to weaken the economic grip of the former European colonial powers and the ubiquitous international financial institutions. Overall, the Chinese presence has generated diverse responses worldwide. The major actors on the global stage are scrambling for new policies, at one level, to counter the ever-growing Chinese economic and political influence in Africa, and at another level, to woo China as a partner that can positively enhance the re/entrenchment of good governance in Africa.

Thus, we seek theoretical and empirical papers on the nature, impact, and trajectory of Chinese economic, political, and social activities in Africa, written from multidisciplinary perspectives, including history, economics, political science, sociology, media and communications, and cultural studies.

POSSIBLE TOPICS: These include, but are not limited to the following:
• Changing trends: China and Africa from the late 19th century to the present
• China and emerging patterns of globalization in Africa
• Critical assessment of Chinese foreign and economic policies toward African states
• African initiatives and responses to the Chinese presence in Africa
• African and/or non-African media and the constructions of the Chinese in Africa
• Specific Chinese projects on the continent and their effects
• Chinese culture and language in Africa and their implications
• Economic, social, and political implications of Chinese quest for raw materials in Africa
• Responses of Western governments, etc. to Chinese expansionism and influence in Africa
• Comparative theoretical essays that locate Chinese involvement in Africa as a moment of progressive partnership, dependency, or imperialism
• African states’ foreign policies toward China
• Chinese entrepreneurs and local trade, economy, etc.
• African consumption of Chinese goods: attitudes and implications
• African media images of Chinese presence in Africa
• African constructions of Chinese who live among them
• Africa-China relations from cross-cultural perspectives
• Cultural exchanges between China and African countries
• China and the political stability of Africa
• African perspectives on China in Africa
• Chinese perspectives on China and African partnership

DEADLINE: Abstracts of approximately 300 words should be submitted by July 15, 2012, and for full papers by December 15, 2012.

CONTACTS: Please, address all submissions, queries, etc. to the following:

*Dr. Kwabena Akurang-Parry
Department of History
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA, USA 17257
Phone 717 477 1286
Fax 717 477 4062

*Dr. Kwabena Adu-Boahen
Department of History
University of Cape Coast
Cape Coast, Ghana
Phone 233 244 221 296

REGISTRATION Fee is as follows:
Ghana-based scholars GH₵ = 60.00
Africa-based scholars = $60. 00
Non-Africa-based scholars = $100.00
Make Registration Fee payments to: Faculty of Arts, University of Cape
Coast (Attn: Africa-China Conference)

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