“Africa and the Chinese way” The Newsletter 60 Summer 2012, IIAS

Publication de The Newsletter 60 Summer 2012 éditée par l’International Institute of Asian Studies in the Netherlands, dont la présentation est la suivante :

Africa and the Chinese way”

China is both a global power and a developing country – clearly still finding its way in the international system. Guest editor, Frans-Paul van der Putten, focuses on China’s relations with the African continent and how they diff er from those of other influential actors. The Focus articles identify specific elements of the Chinese way of dealing with political-economic diversity in the developing world; elements which allow China to clearly distinguish itself from the West.

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A lire notamment les contributions intitulées :

“How China seduces Africa” par Mamoudou Gazibo & Olivier Mbabia

“Harmonious racism : China’s civilizational soft power in Africa”  par Chih-Yu Shih


A signaler également, les deux numéros de la Newsletter de l’IIAS Netherlands suivants,  et notamment la contribution “Evaluating Sino-African relations: new wine in old bottles?” par Timothy S. Rich & Sterling Recker (The Newsletter 59 Spring 2012)

Cultural Heritage NL 57 Summer 2011

Postcolonial Dialogues NL 59 Spring 2012

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