CFP : MOBILITY, MIGRATION AND FLOWS, 56th ASA Annual Meeting, Baltimore


56th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association


November 21-24, 2013
Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel

                                               DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: MARCH 15, 2013

Program Chairs:
Jamie Monson and Dianna Shandy, Macalester College


We are soliciting proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables. Presentations may focus on the
theme of “Mobility, Migration and Flows” or on broader social science, humanities, and applied
themes relating to Africa. We strongly encourage the submission of formed panels.
On a geographically diverse continent, Africanists examine the multi-directional movement of
people, things, capital, and ideas at many levels. We study not only the movements of people
within the Global South and between the Global South and the Global North, but also the borders
and the institutions created to police them, in relation to war, environmental change, and outside
influence. We look at the transport of materials from one space to another by train, plane, and
vehicle across mountains, deserts, lakes, and oceans. Increasingly we are discussing the fluid
crossings of boundaries of identity in Africa, be they of religion, ethnicity, gender, language, or
sexuality. In our era of social media and technology, we are examining the influence of mass
media on the mobility of ideas, symbols, and material objects as well as their commoditization –
both within Africa and between Africa and other continents. We look at the ways in which
movement can create, sustain and reconfigure human relationships. Recent changes
in governments prompt us to think about movement of power and privilege within and outside
of state institutions. … More details here

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